Why This?  

Why Now? :

Hi everyone, first of all, it's an honour to have you on this site and I hope it is providing some benefit during these uncertain times. Like yourself I am currently living through this crisis, unsure of what the future holds however adamant that I (and you!) will come through the other side stronger and better than ever!

I created this website wanting to help people out there stuck at home idly going through boxsets of friends or maybe Money Heist (which I clearly did !) and reach out to them and say... that's fine, we are all doing what we can to stay sane and positive however in-between episodes or even when you are away from the TV screen altogether, there are methods out there right now that you could be taking advantage of that in turn would generate a decent amount of money on the side.

I know this sounds cliche and that you have probably seen hundreds of videos on YouTube claiming to be "get rich quick schemes" such as "drop shipping" "trading stocks" etc and whilst I am not discrediting these methods as they clearly work for some, this page will not be promoting such methods as the initial capital & effort needed to start these up can be excessive. This blog site is all about regular people stuck at home or just wanting to make more money in general who can sign up to the majority of these deals through their mobile phone and reap the rewards almost instantly! 

Though the inception of this website has come about during the wake of the pandemic, I hope it can remain useful even post COVID-19 and continue to provide informative, quick and most importantly REAL methods for everyone visiting.

Thank you.