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How Can Skillshare Earn You Money.

Skillshare is a video sharing online learning platform, where "teachers" share their expertise in various different niches such video editing, drawing, how to learn languages and a lot more. What I really like about Sklillshare is there non-directional stance on influencing people what skills to learn. Other online learning platforms often have a bias into which type of skills their users should be learning, so it was good not to see this in effect so much.

“Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey”

 Skillshare earning

There are fundamentally two ways in which you can make money through Skillshare which are:

We have a royalty pool, from where the teachers are paid on a monthly basis entirely depending on the total number of minutes the premium students watch across the platform. The category of students includes both the paid members and the ones who go for a free trial. For example, if a premium member watches 5% of the total minutes of a particular teacher’s program, then the teacher will receive 5% amount from our royalty pool. This is a glimpse of How Can Skillshare Earn You Money.

The Quarantine Hustle being a subscription service, the number of minutes the members watch on Skillshare and the amount deposited in the royalty pool varies every month.

On an average, in the first month, teachers get to earn around $200 on Skillshare, while some of the top-level teachers even earn up to $3,000 a month.

But here, there is a condition. In order to receive payment for a particular month, you should get a minimum of 30 Premium minutes-watched from all of your classes in that month. But for this minimum count of minutes, you should note that the minutes watched in a free class will not be counted.

Skillshare affiliates can earn $10 in commission for each new customer that signs up for a Premium Membership or free trial. Each affiliate creates a custom account through Impact Radius that tracks their referrals in real time. Referrals have 30 days from using your link to sign up for a Premium Membership or free trial in order to qualify for the commission.

I hope this has helped you get a better understanding of how Skillshare works, if you are looking to sign up click here to start your online teach journey.


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