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Receive a Free Share Worth Up To £200

I think this is probably my favourite reward scheme going at the moment, and I am going to explain in detail WHY.

Reward Scheme

Earning money as a free reward online is great, as you earning for doing essentially small tasks, however what I believe is a step above that is giving away assets, which is exactly what this reward scheme is doing. If you are given £50 free credit, that's amazing and it definitely does help especially if you have recruited many new customers, however this money has no potential in appreciating in value whereas getting a free share in a company has the potential to grow your initial investment (especially if it is a good stock) and you can further expand your portfolio by sharing your referral link to new customers! Meaning if you share your link and you get 5 new people to sign up with each sign up giving you a share of £100 you are now £500 richer with the potential for that to further increase as time goes by. Here are two companies that I currently use and that are paying out good shares for each new sign up.

Trading 212 are giving out randomly selected free shares each worth up to £100 to every new customer that signs up to either an ISA or standard investment account, this literally takes 2 minutes and your share is usually rewarded in 2-3 working days (please remember you can only open 1 ISA account per financial year). There are some conditions to earning your free share and withdrawing the money if you so choose to do so that can be found here.

However the key things are once you get your freeshare you can't withdraw the money for it until after 30 days, you can however sell it on the platform to buy another share after 2, you have a maximum of people you can refer at 20, after that you will not get your free share however they will and the person has to be a completely new member and couldn't have joined before.

To sign up and earn a free share click here.

As with Trading 212 Freetrade are also giving out randomly allocated share to new joiners, however these shares can be worth anything up to £200! This is a mobile however their app is really easy to use and make sense of. Unlike Trading 212 there are no caps to the number of people you can refer so the opportunity here is really endless, here are the terms and condition if you want to have a read through.

If you want to sign up and get a free share then using this link here (remember this is a mobile only app), and yes you can open more than one investment account at the same time, just be sure to remember to only open 1 ISA account!


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