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When Is It Time To Quit Your Job In Pursuit of Your Passion?

Honestly I can't say that for you... but I can make you think about the answer.

Right time to quit job

We don’t all leave education and step right into the job we are meant to do. It is fair to say that a good many of us will spend our lives grinding through jobs that leave us unfulfilled and never chase our dream job. A very wise man (IE me) once said: “you spend almost 25 percent of your life working, it needs to be something you love.” Most of us harbour a passion, a vocation that we know would light us up, so few of us are doing, or carrying out that vocation but why is that?

A lot of us will blame our current situation on time and/or money. We start in our twenties suggesting we will just work the 9-5 job until we have enough money saved to support us while we try and make it, as a writer, or a lion tamer, or whatever that big dream job is. Then life happens: We spend money on nights out, or that new car we wanted, and our dreams get put on the backburner. We make compromises. Often this can be counterproductive and for many of us, we end up settling and never chasing our passion. As someone who is currently working their dream job, I’m telling you that you shouldn’t just settle, but that leads to the big question…

To answer this for the masses is impossible as we are all so different, living in different situations, with varying aspirations. What is true for the aspiring artist might be completely different for the aspiring shop manager. One thing seems to ring true for most though, If you wait until you can take the hit of chasing your passion comfortably, then there is a good chance it will never happen. The adage of fortune favouring the brave still holds. So, let me make this point early, chasing your passion is going to require you to pull on your big boy/girl pants!

Having a safety net isn’t a terrible suggestion for the more cautious of you. As I previously said, if you wait until you know you can comfortably take the hit, then you will almost certainly never take the leap of faith required to follow your dream. But having some form of savings to dip into during the lean times is a big help.

For those who have a slightly more, devil-may-care attitude it is worth making sure you have done a bit of leg work before building up to “taking the plunge”. What is your chosen profession? Are there evening courses pertaining to it that you can do to get you in good stead? Are you looking to go self-employed? Can you start work on developing your social media before you start to branch out?

Only you can make that decision, we cannot tell you when you are prepared or even whether your venture will be successful. The only thing that we can tell you is the wrong time to follow your passion, and that’s never. Because if you never follow your passion you can never succeed in it. And remember it’s only failing once you have given up.

Studies say we spend 25% of your life working, so it definitely has to be something that you are comfortable and passionate about. A great career is one that revolves around your passion.

If you ask us When is it The Best Time to Quit Your Job, we would say that there is basically no right time as such, you should follow your heart and move on. But still, during this critical global situation when your job is at a stake, you can think of pursuing your passion.

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