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Why Paid To Click Sites Are Becoming The Best Way To Make Money At Home?

What Are Paid To Click Sites?

Earning Online Website

Paid to click (PTC) websites encapsulates a wide range of online task such as viewing ads, online surveys, taking online tests and much more, in essence the content owner (company needing your service) pays a person (yourself) for every task that is successfully completed. If this sounds like something you could benefit from then please continue reading this review to find out the companies I recommend. Each task ranges in the length of time needed to complete it, level of detail required and pre-requisites needed in order to be eligible, having said that, how many tasks you decide to partake in is entirely up to you. With this level of flexibility in choosing what type of tasks you want to do, layered with high payouts and trust worthy results backed by hundreds of online reviews, it is no wonder why paid to click sites are cementing themselves as a constant reliable way of generating income. It is important to note that these sites have always been around and I am by no means revealing a method to making money that will change your life, it is just to I am simply giving a recommendation based on my own personal experience and friends that use some of these sites on platforms that actual WORK.

The following websites are ones that have been proven to work and payout on time and are completely free to join, I know people that are personally make £300 - £400 extra a month spending a few hours doing these tasks, however please do your own research before and feedback anything interesting you find to earn money at home during quarantine

My Recommendations

Online Earning at Home Recommendations

PrizeRebel is one the best PTC sites currently running, they have been a trusted site since 2007 and have many ways they pay out their users including gift cards, PayPal money and many other forms of credit for various companies. They also have a referral program that can add additional income to the completed tasks you are doing.

This is a great platform that provides many different ways for you to earn, with Get-Paid you earn coins when you complete games, surveys, tasks and much more. Once you have reached threshold cashout and the money is sent to you PayPal within 1-3 working days.

Another strong company in the PTC ecosystem, as of writing this they have paid their members over £250,000 in rewards. They have many ways of earning points, however watching entertaining videos seems to be the most fun and engaging way, the points you earn as rewarded as a gift card.

Neobux has to be my favourite PTC website for the simple fact that they offer instant payouts with a minimum cashout of $2! They offer a referral program where you earn for referring friends and have a long standing reputation for being a trusted site.

Inbox Pounds / Dollars is a cool platform hosting two different sites depending on if you are visiting from the UK or US. The different websites will provide different tasks depending on eligibility, however they have advertisements from some major players such as Ladbrokes, Netflix, and much more. They claim to have paid out their members more than £2 million, which is HUGE

Offer Nation offers use of their platform for free and pays out money for completing similar task to the competitors above such as paid trails, surveys, clicking ads and much more. They also offer a referral program so you have the potential to earn even more with them.

Please leave comments on if you have tried these sites out and your experience with them.


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